Six Things St. Thomas Students Should Bring to Campus This Fall

COVID-19 will change many things about the on-campus college experience this year – the typical student packing list is one of them. 

As outlined in the Campus Preparedness Plan, several measures have been implemented to help students, faculty and staff adhere to new health and safety protocols. This includes everything from new signage and traffic control measures, to hand sanitizer stations and contactless temperature stations. There are certain items students may find helpful to bring along as well to make the adjustment process easier.  

Here are six things students should bring to campus this year when they return to St. Thomas:  

1. A thermometer

The University of St. Thomas Center for Well-Being is encouraging everyone to take their temperature twice a day. The campus will have temperature stations but the university wants students to bring their own thermometers as well so they can monitor their body temperatures.

2. Extra face coverings, disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer 

OK, that’s three things. But while the university will provide each student a face covering and there will be hand sanitizing stations around campus, it is a good idea to bring several masks and face coverings a well as hand sanitizers. Cleaning protocols will be increased on campus, but it will be helpful to keep extra wipes in your room as well. 

3. Small suitcase or duffel bag 

Bring a small suitcase that is packed with essentials or could easily be packed if you need to move into a quarantine or isolation area. That bag also can include medical information, important numbers as well as comfortable lounge wear, ready-to-eat food, and travel-sized toiletries. If a student tests positive for COVID-19, they will be asked to go home first if able. 

4. Comfortable seating for inside and outside 

Some classes will be online and require you to log in from your room. You might want to bring cushioned seating or backrests so you can sit comfortably in your room as you take part in an online class. While the weather is nice, it would be great to have an outdoor camp-type chair that you can move outside and sit six feet apart from others. St. Thomas has plenty of great spaces on the upper and lower quads as well as around campus to meet up with friends and enjoy their company as you socially distance. 

5. An Ethernet cord 

Wi-Fi may feel some strain if many people are logged into online classes at one time. Residence Life encourages you to bring an Ethernet cord so you can connect your computer and not rely on Wi-Fi. 

6. A “Culture-of-Care” attitude! 

Many plans have been in place for months to make this move to campus possible. St. Thomas faculty and staff expect all students to wear a face covering, practice social distancing, wash hands frequently and think of others as we work to keep campus open.