Social Media, Free Speech, and the Ethical Corporation

The 2nd Annual Center for Ethical Business Cultures Ethics Case Competition is coming up in March. The format is more free this year, with no mandated case, but rather student driven research on the case topic, "Social Media, Free Speech and the Ethical Corporation."

And what more timely topic than social media policies and free speech in business? Very few, if any: that's how many. This competition is a compelling opportunity to present before and network with before senior industry leaders. Even more impressively however, the winning All-Star Team will represent UST's Full-time MBA program in the National Business Ethics Case Competition in the fall of 2010 in Nashville.

This national competition is held in conjunction with the Ethics and Compliance Officers Association (ECOA) annual meeting. The extent of networking opportunities from this competition are profound and may prove to go well-beyond the experience locally for students with sights set high for internships and employment. As someone who has competed in the past, I can truly say that the experience opened a number of networking doors for me—and I'm not just feeding you a line. What better time to show your merits and spring-board some great relationships than during the final semester of your MBA?

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