St. Paul campus parking reminders

St. Paul campus parking reminders

Where should you park?
Due to construction projects on the St. Paul campus, there are a lot of changes related to parking. Here’s a rundown on parking permit information and St. Paul campus lot changes this year. Please read it and always take special care to park courteously, legally and safely. You’re also encouraged to park on campus, as most neighborhood streets in the area are reserved for city residents who have special city of St. Paul parking permits.

University parking permits are required in all UST lots beginning at 6 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 11.

Here’s the most up-to-date St. Paul campus parking map. Changes include:

  • R3 and the north half of R2 were converted to north campus resident parking. Ramp contract holders will only be permitted to park in the south half of R2.
  • Lot A, off of Selby Avenue, was converted to a commuter/employee lot
  • Lot C, a commuter/employee lot, was added just north of Selby Hall residence
  • Lot B, near Morrison Hall, was converted to an employee-only lot
  • Lot W, in front of Cretin and Grace halls on south campus, was converted to a commuter/employee lot
  • Lots V and X, formerly south campus commuter/employee lots, were converted to south resident parking lots
  • One row of Lot N, just south of Loras Hall and formerly commuter/employee parking, was changed to Lot P1 for the St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity.
  • Lot P2, formerly a School of Divinity Lot , is now Lot Y, a south campus resident lot.

Resident students
New this year and due to many requests, the fall semester Resident Parking Lottery was held prior to move-in weekend.   Lottery forms were sent to all resident students through the Residence Life office in July, and students were also able to enter the lottery online via the Public Safety Web site. The deadline for entering the fall 2005 resident parking lottery was Monday, Aug. 29. The results of the lottery were posted on the Public Safety and Parking Services Web site on Aug. 31.  

Winners of parking permits and ramp contracts have until 11 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 11, to purchase and register for parking. Costs for residence students for the 2005-2006 academic year are:

  • Parking permits: $400/year, $205/semester
  • Ramp contracts: $1,080/year, $550/semester

The following items are necessary in order to purchase a permit or ramp contract:

  • a valid UST identification card
  • an accurate license plate number
  • proof of ownership for the vehicle you register
  • payment: cash, check, Tommie eXpress card account or student account

Other parking changes are in place for resident students this fall. In past years, juniors and seniors were given a special "Junior/Senior" permit, which allowed them to park in north or south campus resident lots. While juniors and seniors still are guaranteed parking permits if they enter the lottery by the deadline, the special permit was eliminated and there are now only south campus or north campus resident permits available.

There were also a few parking lot changes made in the residence parking lots this year. Lots X, V and Y now make up the south campus residence parking area. Lot W, in front of Cretin and Grace Halls, was converted to an employee/commuter parking lot. On north campus, Levels R3, R2-North (the new half), and R1 of the Morrison Hall Ramp were converted to north campus residence parking. There are no resident surface parking lots on north campus this year. R2-South, under Morrison Hall, still is reserved for visitors, hourly parking and ramp contracts.

All resident students parking in the ramps are being asked by the university and its neighbors to enter and exit the Morrison Hall Ramp parking facilities via Lot H at the corner of Cretin and Summit avenues. This will help to reduce the excess traffic in the neighborhood north of our campus.

Commuter students
Commuter permits are $225 for the full year or $115 for one semester. Evening permits, valid after 5 p.m., also are available for $115 for the full year or $60 for one semester.

Metropasses are available to commuter and resident students who registered for 12 or more credits; cost of $150 per semester.

Faculty and staff
Faculty-staff permits continue to be sold on a sliding-scale basis for the academic year. Cost for full-time employees earning less than $30,000 per year is $8.95 per biweekly pay period; for those earning from $30,000 to $60,000 per year, $12.50 per biweekly pay period; and, for those earning over $60,000 per year, $16.35 per biweekly pay period.

For adjunct faculty, a parking permit is $225 for full year or $115 per semester.

Metro Transit Metropasses are $180 per year.

If you paid for your 2004-2005 parking permit or Metropass by payroll deduction, you had the opportunity to have it renewed automatically. Your parking permit was to be sent to your home address by the start of the academic year. If you had a Metropass and it was renewed automatically, you may use the same pass for the coming year.

If you did not want to renew your parking permit or Metropass, but did not return the Notice to Cancel Transportation Renewal form to Public Safety by Aug. 31, your permit or pass will be renewed, and you will have to return it before the cancellation is fully processed.

Questions? Need to purchase a permit?
Please contact Public Safety at (651) 962-5100 for questions. Public Safety and Parking Services’ St. Paul campus office is located on the first floor of Morrison Hall.