St. Paul Restricts On-street Parking: Allowed on Odd-numbered Sides of Streets Only

The City of St. Paul has issued a parking restriction due to the high volume of snow narrowing residential streets.

Beginning Saturday, March 1, any vehicles parked on the even-numbered side of residential streets will be issued a warning ticket. Beginning Monday, March 3, any vehicles violating the ban will be ticketed and towed.

Parking will be banned in the following areas on streets bordering St. Thomas' campus:

  • South side of Selby Avenue between Cleveland and Cretin
  • South side of Goodrich Avenue between Cretin and Mississippi River Boulevard
  • East side of Finn Street between Summit and Grand

Normal parking restrictions will prevail for the following streets because they are considered "non-residential" streets:

  • Grand Avenue between Cleveland and Cretin
  • Summit Avenue between Cleveland and Mississippi River Boulevard
  • Mississippi River Boulevard between Goodrich and Summit
  • Cretin Avenue between Goodrich and Selby
  • Cleveland Avenue between Grand and Selby

Most of the other streets in the neighborhood are considered residential streets, and parking will be banned on the even-numbered sides. Some neighborhood streets have further parking restrictions on the odd-numbered sides because they are in permit parking zones, and those restrictions will continue to be enforced.

For more information visit the City of St. Paul's Snow Emergency website.

Students who wish to purchase a permit to park on campus have the following options:

  • Commuter permits: $105 per semester, valid in yellow parking lots and Anderson Parking Facility, 5 a.m. to 2 a.m. (no overnight parking).
  • Resident permits: $230 per semester; there is a limited number of north resident permits available, but plenty of room for south campus resident parking.
  • Non-resident overnight permits: $230 per semester, valid in the Anderson Parking Facility's lower level.

Hourly parking is available in the Anderson Parking Facility and the R2 ramp in Morrison Hall at $1.50 per hour before 4p.m. and $1 per hour after 4 p.m. Neither are available for overnight parking.