St. Thomas library to be among sites for national town hall meeting on New Orleans

The O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library Center will be one of 21 sites nationally that will host an interactive, electronic town hall meeting on the future of the city of New Orleans.

Displaced New Orleanians are invited to attend the meeting from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 2, in Room 303, O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library Center, on the university’s St. Paul campus.

The meeting, sponsored by the Unified New Orleans Plan with support from the nonprofit AmericaSpeaks, will allow displaced New Orleans residents to help prioritize the infrastructure investments needed to rebuild the city.

Interactive television will link gatherings in New Orleans and four other cities with high concentrations of New Orleans’ evacuees: Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Dallas and Houston. In addition to those five sites, gatherings will be held at 16 libraries across the country, including the St. Thomas library, where a webcast link will allow those attending to view and call into the national meeting.

There are an estimated 267,000 New Orleans’ residents who have not yet returned to the city, which is about 60 percent of the city’s pre-Katrina population.

To register for the webcast gathering at St. Thomas, visit or call toll-free (866) 940-1095.

The event will include lunch. Transportation to St. Thomas is available; for more information call Kathy Curran, (651) 269-1400.

For more information on the Unified New Orleans plan, visit


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