School of Law’s Susan Stabile Presents Midday Reflection: ‘What Saints Mean to Our Lives’.

Susan Stabile, UST School of Law, will present a midday reflection on Tuesday, Nov. 1. Faculty, staff and students are invited to attend the session on “What the Saints Mean to Our Lives.” The session hopes to offer inspiration to people of all religious denominations.

Susan Stabile

This event will be held from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. in Room 242 at the School of Law on St. Thomas’ downtown Minneapolis campus. Since lunch will be served, registration is necessary via email to Bethany Fletcher.

Nov. 1 is All Saints Day in the Catholic calendar. Stabile, who is the Robert and Marion Short Distinguished Chair in Law, notes that this meditation will focus on what it means to call someone a saint and on what the saints who have come before us mean in today’s world. It also will provide an opportunity to reflect on saints (those who have been identified as saints by the Catholic Church through history and those who have not been canonized) who have had particular meaning in the lives of the session’s participants.