Strength in numbers evident in 2006-07 Faculty and Staff Annual Campaign

Strength of more than 2,000 employees is evident in the 2006-07 Faculty and Staff Annual Campaign

By John Bannigan
Director of Annual Giving

Imagine if tomorrow you were asked to personally provide assistance to each of the 11,000 students and the more than 2,000 employees at St. Thomas. You would probably say it’s impossible, right? Think again. A gift to the Faculty and Staff Annual Campaign makes a difference for everyone on our campus.

Do you need examples? A gift to student financial aid will provide much needed assistance to more than 80 percent of our undergraduate population. Maybe you work on the graduate side of the university. You know that scholarships are scarce for graduate students. You can restrict your gift to a scholarship in your desired program.

Have you discussed at staff meetings the need for funding for special faculty-student research? Here is a chance for your department to designate gifts for those projects. Maybe you are a fan of one of the Tommie athletic teams or appreciate the incredible job our performing arts department does. You can show your support with a gift.

The 2006-07 Faculty and Staff Campaign materials will be e-mailed to you shortly. There will be a link for you to print out the pledge form. This form will allow you to make a cash donation or to take advantage of making a gift via payroll deduction. There also will be a link where you can make your gift with a credit card.

However you choose to make your gift, participation is the key. Some members of our community are on a payroll deduction that is open ended, meaning it continues beyond the end of this fiscal year. To those of you enrolled in this option, thank you! Others made a payroll deduction that will conclude on June 30, 2007. Thank you for your generosity, and you are invited to renew your support with a gift again this year.

Many in our community have made gifts this year, and to all of you, your support is greatly appreciated. To everyone else, you are invited to participate in this community building effort.

If you have questions regarding making a gift or your gift giving status this fiscal year, you are welcome to contact me by e-mail or telephone, (651) 962-6982.

Make a difference for each of our students and your colleagues with a gift to the Faculty and Staff Annual Campaign.