New June 2012 Study Abroad Summer Courses Available for Undergraduates

Too busy to study abroad during the academic year? Then consider studying abroad next summer. The International Education Center announces four diverse courses for June 2012 designed especially for undergraduate students. Three courses are being offered for the first time and two programs require no prerequisites.

Intercultural Communication in Japan, (UST)

By traveling throughout Japan and interacting with diverse groups, students will learn how to become more thoughtful and adept communicators in any multicultural context. Students also will learn specifically about uniquely Japanese communication styles and generally about the theories and practice of intercultural communication.

  • Program directors: Carol Bruess, Communication and Journalism, and Chie Kakigi, UST
  • Prerequisites: permission of instructor
  • Fulfills: the practice/application category of the COJO major and minor (COJO370) and the human diversity core requirement

Sustainable Alternative Energy Sources and the Future in France and Italy, (UST)

Students will learn about cutting-edge alternative energy sources such as tidal-, wind-, nuclear-, hydrogen-, and solar-power generation through tours of alternative energy power plants, readings and lectures presented by leading experts throughout France and Italy.

  • Program director: Greg Mowry and John Wentz, Engineering, UST
  • Prerequisites: none
  • Fulfills: engineering technical elective; environmental science humanities and policy elective

 Ethics in Tibet, (UST)

Based in Lhasa, Tibet, China, this course introduces students to the study of comparative ethics. Students will explore ethical theories in Western philosophy – virtue ethics, deontological ethics, and utilitarianism as well as core themes in Buddhist ethics.

 Program director: Jon Stoltz, Philosophy, UST

  • Prerequisites: PHIL 115
  • Fulfills: PHIL214 (moral and philosophical reasoning second core requirement) and the human diversity core requirement

Past and Present: Human Rights in the Making: Lessons from Argentina’s History, (UMAIE)

This course explores Argentine historical, political, social and cultural developments from the 1950s to the present. Students will focus on human rights and the complex negotiations that take place when a society transitions from a dictatorship to a democracy.

  • Program director: Paola Ehrmantraut and Don Miller, Modern and Classical Languages, UST
  • Prerequisites: SPAN 300, 301 and 305
  • Fulfills: SPAN 411: Spanish major/minor requirement and human diversity core requirement

Co-Sponsored Programs

St. Thomas co-sponsored programs offer a variety of summer study abroad options. For a full list, refer to the new Study Abroad website, click on “Find a Program,” then “Program Search,” and select “Summer” under the “Term” drop-down menu, or click here for the full list.