Diana Rosember

Summer Extern: Diana Rosemberg, Thomson Reuters

This summer, 3L with advanced standing Diana Rosemberg is completing an externship with Thomson Reuters in its Global Privacy Program. She is responsible for researching and analyzing international privacy and data protection laws for the company, which provides data and information to legal, financial and news media professionals around the globe.

Every day I navigate through interesting topics on privacy and best practices from around the world,” Rosemberg said. “It is a very exciting learning environment.”

Rosemberg was placed at Thomson Reuters as part of St. Thomas Law’s Externship Program, which offers law students the opportunity to explore different career areas and provides them with relevant professional experience. Rosemberg knew she was looking to work in a large, multi-national organization, so Thomson Reuters, a Canadian company with an office in Eagan, Minn., was a great fit.

Rosemberg said her favorite part of the externship has been learning about international laws and how the expectation of personal privacy differs throughout the world.

It is really interesting what values each country wants to preserve when enacting a data protection law,” she said.

The variation in each country’s laws has also been an area in which Rosemberg said she has been the most challenged during her externship, and one of the areas where she has learned the most. Rosemberg said she has also grown professionally when she has been asked to work on non-legal topics.

Recently, Thomson’s Chief Privacy Officer asked her to summarize best practices in online advertising and marketing for a project. Without a background in advertising or marketing, Rosemberg says she used the skills she had learned in one of her St. Thomas Law classes.

“I thought about Professor Mariana Gonstead's Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution classes,” Rosemberg said. “She used to ask us the most important takeaways from our reading assignments and would ask us to draw a picture that represented the idea. So, I drew the processes and requirements and it helped me dive deeper into the project and I was able to explain it.”

Over the course of the next few months Rosemberg, who also holds an LL.M. in U.S. Law from St. Thomas and earned a law degree in Brazil, says she is looking forward to continuing to learn more about Thomson Reuters and its many business units and products. She has even been given the opportunity to stay on at Thomson beyond her summer externship and will continue as a permanent contributor to the development and implementation of the Global Privacy Program.