Tech Tip Tuesday: Voicemail -- retrieving a deleted message

Tech Tip Tuesday: Voicemail -- retrieving a deleted message

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Has this ever happened to you? You listen to a voicemail message, delete it and then realize that you actually need to hear the message again. Has the message been lost forever or is there a way to retrieve your deleted voicemail message?

Good news! It is possible to retrieve a deleted message if you take action before 2 a.m. the following day (this is when the system permanently removes deleted messages). If a message is deleted in error, you can "undelete" it by following these steps:

Retrieving a deleted voicemail message*

  1. Enter your voice mailbox using your personal passcode as you normally would to listen to your messages.
  2. Press 5 to Manage Personal Options
  3. Press 7 to Manage your Recently Deleted Messages
    • To Listen to Deleted Messages, press 1
      • This option plays back all of the voicemail messages you deleted since 2 p.m. that day. (Note: If you choose to delete a voice message after listening to it using this option, the deletion will be permanent.)
      • If you would like to Save a deleted message, press 5 after you have listened to it. The message will be moved from the deleted folder to the saved messages folder.
    • To Restore all deleted messages, press 4
    • To Erase all deleted messages, press 5

*Note: For individuals with VoIP phones, the prompt messages may be different.

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