Tech Tuesday: IRT postpones move to Microsoft Vista

Tech Tuesday: IRT postpones move to Microsoft Vista

From Information Resources and Technologies

After careful consideration of Microsoft Vista, IRT has decided to postpone moving University-owned computers to Microsoft Vista until at least June 2010. Research has shown that few organizations have moved to Microsoft Vista, and we have not identified a pressing business need to invest in the transition.

We have made a decision to transition to Office 2007 beginning in June 2009. We are currently testing Office 2007 and planning the rollout process to coincide with summer rollout. The plan also will include updating the rest of the university so all PCs receive Office 2007 by fall 2009. In preparation for the transition, we will begin offering training sessions to review the differences between Office 2003 and Office 2007 in spring 2009.

In the meantime, IRT has pushed a Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack to all university PCs, allowing faculty and staff to receive and open documents created with Office 2007. The compatibility pack also allows students to move between computers in the labs and their own computers with Office 2007 with ease.

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