The Most Influential Fast Company Articles in the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship

The Social Lights Co-Founder & CEO Martha McCarthy reads Fast Company cover-to-cover.

The Social Lights Co-Founder & CEO Martha McCarthy reads Fast Company cover-to-cover.

Have you seen the annual list of the “Most Creative People in Business” or learned something interesting from a “30 Second MBA” video? Those are two notable features from Fast Company, introduced under the direction of its editor, Robert Safian. Please join us as we welcome Safian to the Opus College of Business as our 2013 Opus Distinguished Speaker, Thursday, November 14.

Fast Company has garnered a reputation for highlighting the “new” in business while honoring the “tried and true.” By presenting stories of the people behind innovative business thinking, the magazine gives hope to millions of workers, entrepreneurs and leaders that meaningful change is possible. Entrepreneurs in the Schulze School Lab often turn to the magazine for ideas, inspiration and guidance. We asked them and the entrepreneurship faculty to share some of their favorite Fast Company articles.

"Design Thinking Is A Failed Experiment. So What's Next?This article about design thinking led professor Laura Dunham to a good conversation about the pitfalls of using these tools without the right mindset and organizational culture. Dunham is planning to share "Eric Ries On How To Make Any Company Move Like A Lean Startup" with a class this fall. This article, she says, helps make the concept of prototyping a bit clearer.

Martha McCarthy, co-founder of The Social Lights, which started out in the Lab, has two Fast Company articles cut out and posted in her office. In "Jenna Lyons Reveals The Secrets To Becoming A J.Crew Collaborator," 7 brands tell the stories of how they ended up in J.Crew stores. McCarthy points out that Minnesota-based Minnetonka Moccasins and Red Wing Shoes are J.Crew collaborations.

"For me it's been fascinating to watch J.Crew innovate and grow despite the challenges associated with traditional retail in today's digital age," said McCarthy. "I wrote about their recent implementation of social media on The Social Lights blog, too." The other article she's cut out is in the same vein and shows "How Jenna Lyons Transformed J.Crew Into A Cult Brand."

Others pointed out Fast Company's "Most Innovative Companies/People" lists as places for inspiration and ideas. And it is hard to go wrong checking out their "weekly 10" most popular stories of the week.

The Opus Distinguished Speaker event is open to the public, but registration is required - come and share your favorite articles (or let us know in the comments) or see which articles Safian would put at the top of his list.