The spark of an idea

This week, the spark of an idea ignited into full flame. For some time I have been challenging various members of our faculty and administrative staff to consider how we might make the St. Thomas MBA degree more relevant and better understood by prospective students. In particular, I wanted to know how we might better engage young people from backgrounds underrepresented in MBA programs from coast to coast, including our own UST MBA program.

At the same time our program has some distinctive attributes that I believe make us particularly appealing. We feature a strong focus on ethical leadership. We offer a curriculum that is challenging, but at the same time is designed to transform young professionals into effective organizational leaders regardless of whether their undergraduate studies focused on business or chemistry, or art history. Most of all, our diverse and incredibly  supportive faculty and staff make the St. Thomas experience a personal and engaging one, from initial inquiry, right up to graduation day, and beyond. It seems that it would be a no-brainer that once diverse students become aware of what St. Thomas has to offer, they would find it intriguing and want to know more.

Later this week we’ll be brainstorming with undergraduate advising staff at Macalester, St. Olaf, and here at St. Thomas, to further develop this budding engagement initiative. Time to help future leaders "reThink" their graduate education strategy!