The Twin Cities best bowlers work for...

The TC3 2010 Bowlathon was a tremendous success! 16 teams participated, bringing more than 80 people representing a dozen companies/organizations throughout the Twin Cities (Target, Optum Health, Best Buy, Medtronic, General Mills, and more). The competition was steep, but congratulations goes to Medtronic Force, the TC3 2010 Bowlathon Champions!

Participation in this tournament facilitated a significant donation to Shelter for Life, to help them continue their work in Sudan, Afghanistan, and other countries in turmoil.

Bowlathon sponsors included: Kowalski's, Papa John's, Crave, Blue Plate Restaurant Company, and Culver's Ice Cream.

For those we missed this tournament, get ready for softball in June! Find more information about TC3 events at or on Facebook where you can also see pictures from the event.

Twin Cities Corporate Championships (TC3) is an organization that coordinates exciting athletic events between major corporations in the Twin Cities area, with a goal to provide opportunities for corporations to come together and compete in athletic tournaments of all sorts while at the same time making a significant social impact through contributions to local charities.