Tommie Spirit

Remember that old cheer: “We have spirit, yes we do. We have spirit. How about you”?

I was reminded of it this past weekend. While we did not make it to the Tommie-Johnnie game, it was quite the topic of conversation at our house. The last time the Tommies defeated the Johnnies, my husband played. Or starred in the game, depending on whom you ask. In fact, when we started dating, he was horrified I had not seen that victory and he promptly got the tape for me to watch. True story.

So as you might expect, the texts, emails and Facebook posts were flying around on Saturday. My husband communicated with friends and former teammates about the big game and the rivalry. Neighbors stopped by to ask the score. And then we heard the Tommies won in overtime. When it was time to see footage of the game, our favorite part was when the students stormed the field. T-shirt crackdowns and party bus bans were soon forgotten. Football fan or not, all Tommies were united in that one exciting moment. It was hard not to have Tommie spirit.

You can feel that Tommie spirit here on campus as well. I have seen a lot of purple this week and have heard many students talking about the game. It is a great victory to savor. We can finish off that old cheer with “We’ve got more . . . Look at the score!”

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One Response

  1. Peter Pittman, Golden, CO

    I will never forget storming the metrodome field after UST beat SJU in 1997, so that I could pile on Pat Petschel, who was definitely the MVP of the game, if not that entire season!