Who are These People – Tommies? They've Lost a Camera but Have 'Good Karma' in Colorado

A woman in Grand Junction, Colo., wants to know who is pictured above. She thinks they may be Tommies. She also has their camera and wants to return it.

Tami Thye-Harold discovered the camera while on a United Airlines flight on Nov. 11, 2010. She has gone to great lengths to locate the owners. She has posted the camera’s pictures on her Good Karma page on Facebook. She has called airports to see if a lost camera had been reported, and she has called local Petcos, because there is a Petco receipt on the refrigerator.

“I asked them if they remember treating a pure white cat with green eyes by the name of ‘Joey.’ We think that is the name on the tag. I called your local police to see if anyone had filed a missing camera report. I've spend hours looking through Facebook pictures, praying that I see the people from the pictures,” Thye-Harold wrote in an email to Bulletin Today.

Alas, no luck. But she hasn’t given up – yet.

Thye-Harold believes the couple may have a St. Thomas connection, maybe alumni.

“I've looked through the pictures and I see very clearly there is a St. Thomas magnet on the fridge,” she noted. “I've also magnified the collar on the cat and I can see what I assume to be part of a phone number (763-667- ).” Area Code 763 covers the northern Twin Cities area.

The camera was a silver Canon Elph. She found it in the last row of seats on the plane, in the bottom of the seatback pocket, where they keep the magazines and sick bags. Her flight was from Denver to Atlanta, “but who knows how long the camera was there,” Thye-Harold added.

“My husband and I decided to find the owners the second we found the camera,” Thye-Harold wrote. “There was never a thought to keep it or sell it for cash. I believe in karma. What goes around comes around. Teaching our kids that you need to try to do the right thing no matter how impossible it seems to be is very important to us. We want the people who own the camera to come forward and tell us how to get it back to them.”

In addition to the couple and the cat, the camera contains Halloween pictures, and pictures of a Minnesota Vikings game (possibly played Sept. 19, 2010, against the Miami Dolphins). All of the pictures are posted on the Good Karma Facebook page.

Thye-Harold is hoping that if anyone recognizes the couple pictured above, that they will let them know the whereabouts of their long-lost camera. Thye-Harold can be contacted via her Good Karma Facebook site, or by email to Bulletin Today.