Tommies vs. Auggies March Madness Fitness Challenges Begins March 1

Are you ready to take on Augsburg in the upcoming March Madness Fitness Challenge? The four-week competition between Augsburg and St. Thomas starts Wednesday, March 1, and ends Tuesday, March 28. All St. Thomas faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in this year’s challenge.

Sign up today and log your individual points each week. Work out anywhere, any time, performing any physical activity, as long as it is for at least 30 minutes. Thirty minutes of activity equals 1 point while 60 minutes of activity equals 2 points. Fourteen points is the maximum amount of points per week. Each week the winning school will be announced based on the average for the team. The goal is to be physically active and win the most weeks during this four-week challenge.

In addition to bragging rights, participants will earn 100 Vitality points each week they log their activity by the deadline (Wednesdays at 2 p.m.). In addition to earning 100 points each week (total possible of 400 points), participants will be entered into a weekly drawing to win an additional 50 points. There will be three weekly winners (participants only will be eligible to win once during the four-week challenge).

Not signed up for Vitality? Sign up today. It is free and easy.

March Madness Fitness Challenge Rules:
1. Register to participate in the challenge here.
2. Keep track of the number of points you earn each week.
3. A week starts on Wednesday and ends on Tuesday at midnight.
4. If you miss reporting your total points for the week by Wednesday at 2 p.m., your points will not count for that particular week. You can participate the following week but you will not be allowed to use any points from the previous week.
5. Once registered, look for emails giving you week-by-week instructions.
6. You can join at any time in the program and your points start at that particular time.
7. Every week we will announce the college winner and the three weekly 50 Vitality points drawing winners.
Dates of competition:
Week 1: Wednesday, March 1-Tuesday, March 7
Week 2: Wednesday, March 8-Tuesday, March 14
Week 3: Wednesday, March 15-Tuesday, March 21
Week 4: Wednesday, March 22-Tuesday, March 28

Any questions should be directed to Tonia Jones Peterson.