Two New Members Elected to Adjunct Faculty Council

Two new members have been elected to the Adjunct Faculty Council.

Loddavahn "Loddy" Elizabeth Tolzmann was affirmed to one of three open seats for the School of Law Adjunct Faculty Council. No additional self-nominee or write-ins were submitted for the other two seats.

Lucy Saliger was voted into the open seat for the College of Arts and Science Adjunct Faculty Council was 51.1 percent of the vote. Thank you to the other nominees, Habiba Hadziavdic (24.4 percent), John Daley (15.6 percent) and Dave Ehren (8.9 percent), for their willingness to serve if elected.

The role of the council is to make recommendations regarding matters of common concern to adjuncts; to serve as a forum to foster communication and collaboration at all levels of the university; to promote and maintain strong morale among adjunct faculty and high-quality work environment; to represent adjuncts to the various faculty and university committees; to promote opportunities for adjunct faculty development; to promote effective communication and issues resolution between adjunct faculty and administration; and to promote understanding and fairness to benefits and employment.