USG elects 2010-11 council

St. Thomas' Undergraduate Student Government recently elected its council for the next academic year.

The following individuals have been elected to the executive board and general council:

  • President: Dwight Anderson
  • Vice president of academic affairs: Abby Schutt
  • Vice president of public relations: Corey Dahl
  • Vice president of administrative affairs: Seth Williams
  • Senior class president: Marcy Warren
  • Senior class senators: Scott Hansen and Jocelyn McAlpine
  • Junior class president: Jazz Hampton
  • Junior class senators: Adam Miller and Shakira Onwuachi
  • Sophomore class president: Mike Orth
  • Sophomore class senators: Chad Milller and William Oppong-Bio
  • Residential senator: Jessica Root
  • Neighborhood senator-Merriam Park: Linnea Bicking
  • Neighborhood senator-WSNAC: Jared Scharpen
  • Transfer senator: Jessica Yang
  • Legislative affairs senator: Quinn Abraham
  • Commuter senator: Dilbi Hussein

Any vacancies will be filled this coming fall. Contact your representatives with any concerns or questions.

For more information regarding the elections, e-mail Dahl, vice president of public relations.