UST end-of-school clothing drive under way

UST end-of-school clothing drive under way

By Bob Douglas, coordinator of recycling and central receiving

The end-of-school campus exodus will soon be in full swing! While packing up for the move, many reusable items get discarded. That fills up our dumpsters which fills up our landfills which increases our taxes and costs of living. If it's reusable and clean, it can be recycled and be a help to others.

In all residence halls near main entrances and on some residence floors, there are specially marked recycling containers. Please place all unwanted clothing and household items in the containers and not the Dumpster. Clothing should be clean, and please, no wet clothing.

We also are collecting other usable items, such as: household goods, clocks, hairdryers, drying racks, irons, electronics, packs, and books (for Books for Africa). Clothing and household goods will be given to Goodwill and other local charities, and unopened foodstuffs will go to area food shelves.

This is the 10th year of the UST end-of-school clothing drive. Last spring, our end-of-school clothing drive collected over a ton of clothing for charity! Thank you for helping us with this reallocation of resources.  By pitching in we help the environment, conserve university resources and benefit others. This recycling effort is being sponsored by the Recycling Team, Residence Life and the Physical Plant.

For questions about this project or the UST Recycling program, please contact Bob Douglas, (651) 962-6388.