UST history buffs have new online tools

UST history buffs have new online tools

So, how big was "big hair" at St. Thomas in the '80s? Did your dad really write for The Aquin? What kind of classes did your grandpa take when he was a St. Thomas student? Was there ever a hockey rink on campus?

Find answers to these questions and more with expanded online research tools available on the University Archives Web page.

The ArcaSearch research tool, which has enabled online searches of archive issues of The Aquin (1933-2007) and the publication that preceded it, the Purple and Gray (1912-1933), has new bells and whistles.

Now you can use the same tool to see, search and print archive issues of The Bulletin (the university's printed weekly tabloid that preceded the online Bulletin Today from 1988 through the first few weeks of the 1999 academic year); 1880s-1940 issues of the Seminary Register, a St. Paul Seminary course catalog and annual register of events ; and College of St. Thomas course catalogs from the 1880s to 1940.

To use the ArcaSearch tool, find the link for "Historic University Publications online."

Right below it, follow a link to "Photographs from the University Archives," where you can see 237 photos from St. Thomas' history.

Looking for more recent information? A searchable Bulletin Today (1999-present) archive is available, as are archive issues of The Aquin since the 2004-2005 academic year.