UST in the News

Here’s a roundup of recent St. Thomas mentions the media. If a link has expired, you may be able to find the full-text through UST Libraries’ Summon resource or you may purchase access to the stories directly from the media outlet. In some cases, you will need to register on the publication’s website in order to access the full text.

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“St. Paul could add permanent restrictions to student housing conversions,” Pioneer Press, April 3, 2012. “Homeowners with a bone to pick about ‘party houses’ near the University of St. Thomas could soon have a new zoning rule on their side - a proposed 150-foot buffer between new student rental housing.”

“No 'featherbed' for college profs,” Pioneer Press, April 4, 2012. “David C. Levy's March 25 op-ed, ‘Re-examine the way we pay professors,’ grossly misrepresented the workload of today's average college teacher.”

“Burnsville paintball magnate named state's top young entrepreneur,” Pioneer Press, April 5, 2012. “Matt Ames got over his share of obstacles on his way to becoming a thriving entrepreneur: A robbery a few years ago cleared out all his equipment and inventory. An online business dissolved. A business partner wanted out. Critics aplenty said he'd never make a serious business out of the game of paintball.”

“Real Estate Market Finally Turning Around?” WCCO, April 5, 2012. “The season for buying and selling homes in the Twin Cities is off to a strong start, but is it good enough to turn the housing market around?”

“A shared Seder that nourishes connections.” Star Tribune, April 6, 2012. “By inviting people from other faiths to take part in their religious traditions, more Jews hope to foster tolerance.”

“Embezzlers these days more likely to be women,” Star Tribune, April 7, 2012. “In an era dominated by male Ponzi schemers who have become household names by bilking investors out of millions, more women are being accused and convicted of stealing from their employers − ranging from churches and mom-and-pop shops to massive financial institutions.”

“Society slowly learns to deal with autism,” Star Tribune, April 8, 2012. “As diagnoses of the disorder increase, understanding the disability is key to accommodating its many permutations.”

“Do cards still mean business?” Star Tribune, April 10, 2012. “Apps for trading contact information haven't put an end to business cards yet. Perhaps they never will.”

“Best Buy CEO resigns − Is retail doomed?” MinnPost, April 10, 2012 “It took about a split nano-second for the business punditocracy to jump from Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn’s not-all-that-surprising resignation to ‘The End of Retail as We Know It.’”

“Best Buy: CEO Brian Dunn resigns over 'personal conduct' issue,” Pioneer Press, April 10, 2012. “Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn resigned abruptly Tuesday, April 10, amid a board investigation into his "personal conduct," the company said.”

“Twin Cities home prices up; traditional sales strengthen,” Star Tribune, April 11, 2012. “The number of foreclosure and short sales dropped, raising hopes of a local housing market recovery along with sale prices.”

“William Mitchell law faculty opposes marriage amendment,” Minnesota Public Radio, April 11, 2012. “Taking a stand against the marriage amendment on the November ballot, faculty at William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul voted today on a resolution to oppose the constitutional amendment that would define marriage as between one man and one woman, and prohibit same-sex couples from marrying.”

“Labor Department: 2 Million Quit in February,” KMSP, April 12, 2012. “The U.S. Labor Department reported that more than 2 million people voluntarily left their jobs in February − presumably for a better one. Now, that turnover has some predicting a healthier job market with more worker confidence.”

“Congress Should Make Secret Abortions Illegal,” National Review Online, April 12, 2012. “Parents are protective of their children. This is not a learned behavior; it is innate.”

“Rosenblum: Our society's urge to blame is a fault we must address,” Star Tribune, April 13, 2012. “We're a country gifted at blaming one another for everything from gas prices to our personal unhappiness to who left the toilet seat up.”

“A Vatican document to make Socrates proud,” National Catholic Reporter, April 13, 2012. “As Pope Paul VI once famously told the United Nations, the Catholic church likes to think of itself as an ‘expert in humanity.’ Development of Catholic social teaching over the last 120 years is a good example, as the church has tried to bring its moral tradition to bear on questions of economic justice.”

“Mommy wars and Ann Romney,” Minnesota Public Radio, April 18, 2012. “When Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen said Mitt Romney's wife, Ann Romney, hadn't worked "a day in her life," it set off a firestorm of controversy about women's work.”