UST MBA alumna leads top Twin Cities clinic

Not many of our MBA graduates can say they once dreamed of being a Rockette. While Health Care UST MBA alumna Donna Block never achieved that particular dream, her medical degree and MBA have enabled her to run one of the top OBGYN clinics in the Twin Cities.

Dr. Block's clinic, Clinic Sofia, is notable in that it is entirely staffed by women.  Founded in 2004 while she was studying in the Health Care UST MBA program, the clinic has attracted a loyal clientele as well as achieved profitability. Dr. Block attributes her success in part to the education she received at St. Thomas. As noted in the article linked above,

"...being a good physician and running a business required distinct skills and Block ended up getting an MBA from the University of St. Thomas to make sure she 'kept the lights on' at the clinic.  'That really helped me,' Block said, crediting the MBA for the fiscal discipline followed at Clinic Sofia that has resulted in profitability."

So what's next for Dr. Block?  She hopes to expand her clinic practice, both locally and internationally.  As a member of the Women’s Leadership Board of Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, Dr. Block learned more about international women's health care issues on a trip to India, as reported recently in the Star Tribune.  The insights she gained during a visit to a medical clinic in Chennai will undoubtedly influence her plans and strategies as she takes the next step in her varied and accomplished career.