Web Wednesday: WebSPACE project update

Web Wednesday: WebSPACE project update
From Information Resources and Technologies

UST's WebSPACE project continues to redesign the university's Web presence. We are on our way to reaching our goal of usable, findable, professionally designed Web sites that exemplify UST's character and mission.

Typically IRT is working with the community on five to 10 redesign projects simultaneously and is publishing new sites every few weeks. Redesign projects continue to be chosen with the following priorities: academic sites, with sites that provide admissions support at the top of the list, student-service sites, followed by administrative- and staff-support sites. Some sites have moved up in the list due to technical issues or other constraints.

With the recent launch of the Undergraduate Admissions Web site, Graduate Programs in Software and College of Applied Professional Studies, we have reached a milestone in redesigning sites that directly impact student recruitment.

The College of Arts and Sciences has redesigned more than 80 percent of the Web sites supporting its academic programs. Recently we have launched these newly redesigned Web sites:

The College of Arts and Sciences also has launched new Web sites for new programs or initiatives such as: American Culture and Difference, American Museum of ASMAT Art, Muslim-Christian Dialogue Center and Face the Nation.

Academic Affairs and many of the student-service sites they support are making headway as well. We have launched Web sites for the Center for Senior Citizens' Education, Center for Faculty Development, Service Learning, and Undergraduate Research and Collaborative Scholarships, and there are more in progress.; in addition, work has begun on Administrative/Business Affairs Web sites. Currently we are working with staff from with the Service Center and with HR staff on a recruiting Web site.

While this is not an exhaustive list, we wanted to invite you to visit these new sites and to take the time to acknowledge the good work of the community. Web site redesign projects require extensive collaboration between Web and Media Services, Client Services, and Site Managers and Content Contributors.

We wish to acknowledge and thank our partners who put in countless hours collaborating on design, structure and content. Together we can be sure the Web site is built for the audience for which it is intended. IRT looks forward to working with others in our community on the continual evolution of UST's Web environment. Together we can reach the WebSPACE project's goal of creating a first-class communication channel.

To learn more, visit the IRT Web site or contact the IRT Tech Desk, (651) 962-6230.