Where Mission and Market Intersect for the Common Good


What is my way of causing change? How will I make an impact in society and leave this world a better place? These are some of the questions that I had when I began the full-time UST MBA program. The UST Symposium on Social Entrepreneurship, held on campus last month, provided insights to these questions and how I can find meaningful work and make an impact. More than 100 attendees and 12 social entrepreneurs came together to talk about the innovative ways that they are working to tackle social change.

The speakers were engaging and left me with the following messages:

  • Generate ideas by expanding your exposure. Don’t limit yourself. Attend events that you don't think you will be interested in. Meet people that aren't in your circle. Expand and you will learn new things about yourself and then maybe you will find your passion.
  • Follow your passion.Find what you love to do and trust in your instincts. Steve Jobs said in his commencement speech at Stanford, "you have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever."
  • Stick to your mission. First you need to have a mission so once you find your passion, develop your mission in life and stick by it.
  • Put money and meaning together. You can be passionate about an idea to solve a social issue and still make money. They should go together.

Kate Kirchner is a student in the Full-time UST MBA Program.