Apply to Become a Peer Consultant in the Writing Center

Applications are available for undergraduate students to become peer consultants in the Center for Writing starting in fall 2011.

Peer consultants work one-to-one with peers from across the disciplines, gain strong interpersonal skills and improve in the areas of writing and reading in a challenging intellectual environment. Students of any major can be a consultant until they graduate.

A required course will need to be completed in the fall semester after a peer consultant is hired, which can count toward an English minor or as an elective. Students will consult while taking this course, which also provides a service-learning component.

Completed applications are due Friday, March 18. 

"It's important to start the application process now so that students can find out more about what a peer consultant does, how many hours they typically work in a week, and what the course is like," remarked Dr. Susan Callaway, the center’s director. 

For more information or to download an application, go to the Center for Writing website and click on “Employment Opportunities,” or contact Callaway, (651) 962-5602.