Students walk amid falling snow past the "University of St. Thomas" monumental sign at the corner of Summit and Cretin Avenues February 2, 2016.

Winter Weather - Classes Cancelled Jan. 30

Update - St. Thomas employees will report back to work on Thursday morning, January 31, for regular business hours. All classes will resume at noon.

Wednesday Jan. 30, 2019 the University of  St. Thomas will be closed due to extreme cold temperatures. This means all classes are canceled and general business operations shut down for the day.

All employees who are not designated as “emergency essential employees” are excused from work, without change in compensation, for the day of closing.

Emergency essential employees still must report for work or remain at work for the day of closing. These employees include Public Safety officers, certain Facilities Management employees, IRT Server Administrators, and Food Service workers. (See Employee Handbook for further discussion).

All events scheduled at the university are also canceled. Event planners need to notify their guests of the cancellation and other administrative information for re-scheduling per the event plan.   Any guests who were scheduled to attend any events on Wednesday need to consult the severe weather information process supplied by the event planner or contact the event planner directly.

The inter-campus shuttle bus will not be running on Wednesday. It will resume Thursday morning and follow the regular schedule.