And So It Begins...

Tonight is the first night of my first class toward my Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics. I have no interest in going. At all. Not even a little. Well, maybe a little. But it’s really small.

I don’t want to sit in a chair for three hours when I could be at home puttering, futzing, pretending to be productive or, what would actually happen, sprawled on the sofa with an adult beverage in one hand, the remote in the other and a warm dog shoved into the mix.

Tonight is Spreadsheet Model and Data Visualization. I’ve read the course description and, basically, it’s going to be about various methods of problem solving but the description uses words such as “conducting a defensible quantitative analysis” and “linear programming.” It is going to make me better at my job – it’s probably going to make me better at life (intellectually, I know these things) and I’m going to be really glad when I’ve completed it. But in this moment, I’m having some commitment issues.

Business Analytics Defined

Opus Magnum will follow Ghislaine’s progress through the certificate program. A native New Yorker by way of Texas, Ghislaine has a long career in marketing from large multi-national corporations to small niche agencies. Ghislaine completed her St. Thomas MBA in 2008 and in her own words, "I liked St. Thomas so much I went to work for the organization."