McDermott Appointed Interim Dean of Students



Interim Vice President of Student Affairs Karen Lange has appointed Madonna McDermott interim dean of students.

McDermott has served the university as the director of Health Services and the Wellness Center for 14 years. She completed her undergraduate education at Marycrest College in Davenport, Iowa; Master of Science at Oregon Health Sciences University; and Master of Public Affairs at Portland State University, Portland, Oregon.

“Madonna has been a visionary leader in Health Services," Lange said. "She is a strong administrator who is as an advocate for students and committed to the mission of St. Thomas."

In her interim role, McDermott will focus on concerns regarding student behavior and student-related sexual misconduct issues. She will function in the role of response manager for students within the university's Sexual Misconduct Process.

Birdie Cunningham.


Birdie Cunningham will take over as interim operational director of Health Services and the Wellness Center. Cunningham has served as the health educator at St. Thomas for 13 years. She will continue to function in that role in addition to her new administrative role. Dr. Marilee Votel-Kvaal will continue as the medical director in Health Services.

The interim shift in roles is due to the recent resignation of Jane Canney as vice president of student affairs.