The days of job searching with newspapers and we’re hiring notices have long since passed.  Today a job seeker can find a job and apply from a mobile device.  To make that process easier, here are the best applications for your handheld devices.

Free, online cloud storage system which allows users to save photos, documents, presentations and projects with any person who has an email address.  Great for quick resume updates, on the spot presentations and document sharing. Search Jobs iPhone App (free)
The Search Jobs iPhone App allows job seekers to search for jobs, save jobs, and email job listings so you can access them from your computer.

With the use of an ipad, users can write and send personal handwritten thank you cards without the sluggishness of snail mail.

Indeed (free)
Similar to the online website, the application allows you to search and save occupation searches and email listings to yourself or others.

LinkedIn (free)
LinkedIn, the mecca of all online professional networking sites provides access to profiles, contacts and a plethora of articles and resources.  LinkedIn allows users to take their professional network with them wherever they go.

LinkUp (free)
The LinkUp Job Search Engine app lets users search for jobs on company web sites by keyword, location, company, and category. You can save jobs to your Favorites and access them via browser or feedreader. Searches can be saved and you can apply to jobs through your iPhone and/or email job openings to yourself or a friend.

Proven (free)
Proven is an app you can use to search and apply for jobs on Craigslist and Indeed. You can import multiple copies of your resume and cover letters, access your application materials and apply for job postings directly from your phone. You can also save or share the job posting and apply later on. The app also tracks applications.
Please Note: Especially with Craigslist job postings, it’s important to avoid job scams.

Real Time Jobs (free)
The Real Time Jobs app, from TwitterJobSearch, allows users to find an apply for jobs with a single tap. Job seekers can attach an online CV or resume, a social media profile, and/or a video CV to job offers that have been posted to Twitter with a single click.

TweetMyJobs (free)
Twitter provides instant access to updates, and companies have been posting jobs since its start.  TweetMyJobs provides users the opportunity to save specific searches based on their occupational needs.

BeamME (free)
BeamME is an application that allows users to send virtual business cards. “Vcards” can be sent to devices via SMS and email. The recipient typically only has to open the message and click one button to add you to their contact list with no special phone, software or registration required.

Here are a few more recommended from that are not free; view the complete list here.

Good Job (1.99)
Good Job enables users to manage job search activities like tasks, events, follow ups and interviews. You can save an unlimited number of jobs and contacts and you can save your login information for some job and company sites.

Hidden Jobs App (.99)
Statistics show that 80% of job openings are never advertised. With the Hidden Jobs App you can discover many of these positions at companies that are expanding and making news. This app tracks company job announcements from newspapers, online media and press release sources. Currently tracking over 300,000 of new jobs across the U.S. It’s updated daily and lets you browse by state. The app will display the number of jobs being created alongside the company name and state. Then it will connect you to the article that mentions the jobs so you can read it. Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Job Frenzy (.99)
Job Frenzy is powered by the job search engine Users can search for jobs by email and location then save the jobs and email them to themselves or a friend.

Now Hiring (.99)
The Now Hiring application allows users to search US and international job sites. With Now Hiring, users can filter their searches by location, full time/part time, date posted, and many more options. With the favorites tab, it is easy to pick up where you left off and email listings with the touch of a button. Now Hiring list jobs in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, and India.

Resume PRO (1.99)
Create a PDF resume on your phone with Resume PRO by inputting personal and professional information. You can preview your resume and email as a PDF to yourself or someone else. There’s also a generic cover letter you can include when you send your resume.


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  1. Mir Asraful Alam

    Fast fact: 82% of resumes are summarily rejected, even if you qualify for the job. While the reasons are many, the very first reason is this: the visuals are all wrong. No one will tell you that your resume is ugly. But if your resume is an assault on one’s vision the moment they open the file, they simply will move on to the next person. Too many instances of that, and your job search ends up being a long, frustrating endeavor.
    Before delving into the specific instances of ugliness and their corresponding 1-minute makeovers, I’ll emphasize that even the prettiest resume in the world, if founded on poor content, will still fail. The makeovers below are best applied when your content, experience, and achievements are strong, in order to visually engage the reader. All that said, let’s avoid the three ugly resume moves that are holding you back.
    1) The Structure Is Strange: This happens when jobseekers strive to make their resumes look like they’re not cookie-cutter. While seeking uniqueness in your presentation is a worthy endeavor, avoid going overboard. An overabundance of design elements – multiple bullets, multiple shades of gray, tabs to the middle of the page, and tables with no real purpose, all add up to look like a circus.

    1-Minute Makeover: Select two or three design elements, and use those either once or repeatedly. For example, use one style of bullets. Those can be in the expertise section at the top of your resume, and again in your experience section to highlight your achievements. Or, use one element of gray shading. That can be applied to your name and to every heading on the resume.
    2) The Font Is Funny: Certain font choices do not promote reader engagement. Utilizing multiple or different color fonts breaks up the reader’s rhythm – and not in a good, attention-getting way – just in an ugly way. Particularly for candidates at the six-figure level, there should be no reason to rely on visual gimmicks such as this to hold the reader’s attention.
    1-Minute Makeover: Choose one font that you find appealing, then vary it throughout your resume. For example, your name can be in all caps. The headings can be in small caps. The body can be in standard font. The company descriptions can be in italics. Additionally, restrict your choice of font color to basic black.
    3) The Readability Is Rough: Experienced professionals typically have extensive history to present – ten years or more. However, just as in real estate the mantra is, “location, location, location,” in resume writing, the mantra is, “white space, white space, white space.” A resume without white space is just plain ugly. Furthermore, it hampers readability when the content is crammed onto the page.
    1-Minute Makeover: Equalize your margins on all four sides of the page. Minimum should be ½”, standard is ¾“, and margins should be no more than 1”. In the body of your resume, skip lines and be consistent about it. For example, if you skip a line between the employer’s company name and your title, do so every time. Another visual enhancement is to use the paragraph spacing before and after feature in Microsoft Word to add space in between bulleted items.
    These 1-minute makeovers can do wonders for a resume that offers strong content but weak visuals. Keep the structure, font, and readability standard, then be creative and innovative in your content. That’s how to escape the resume ugliness and put forth a beautiful presentation that captures the right attention.
    So create your account