Bon Voyage, J-Term and Spring Study Abroad Students and Faculty!

Some students are studying for their final exams and finishing their last papers for fall semester. Other students are dreaming about and maybe even starting to pack for their courses abroad that will be here in no time.

St. Thomas will send 461 students to 29 countries this upcoming J-Term. Along with our students, 26 undergraduate and graduate professors will lead those courses.

We wish our professors well while on their courses abroad:

  • UMAIE: Archaeology and History in Rome
    Ivancica Schrunk, History
  • UMAIE: Australia: The Economy and Its Social Context
    Robert Riley and Agapitos Papagapitos, Economics
  • UMAIE: In Byron’s Shadow: Romanticizing and Realizing Greece
    Amy Muse, English
  • UMAIE: Chiseling God, History, Culture and Divinity in Ancient Greece
    Nathaniel Nelson, Graduate School of Professional Psychology
  • UMAIE: Comparative Politics to the New Europe
    Kenneth Kemp, Philosophy; and Steven Hoffman, Political Science
  • UMAIE: Culture and Communication in Post-Apartheid South Africa
    Kevin Sauter, Communications
  • UMAIE: Islam in Turkey
    Adil Ozdemir, Theology
  • UMAIE: Spanish Language and Culture in Spain
    Michael Scham and Daneil Tight,  Modern and Classical Languages
  • UMAIE: Spanish Language Through Cultural Engagement Merida, Mexico
    Juli Kroll and Shirley Nieto-Flores, Modern and Classical Languages
  • UST: Diversity Issues in Counseling in Singapore (GRAD)
    Len Jennings, Graduate School of Professional Psychology
  • UST: Ghana Today and Yesterday
    Sue Smith-Cunnien, Sociology and Criminal Justice; and David Todd Lawrence, English
  • UST: Global Financial Services (GRAD)
    Michael Sullivan, Finance
  • UST: Marketing in Emerging Markets (GRAD)
    Lisa Abendroth, Marketing
  • UST: Millennium Development Goals for Biology, Health, and Economics in Botswana
    Jill Manske, Biology; and Suzanne Wisniewski, Economics
  • UST: Regional Geology and Geological Field Methods
    Melissa Lamb, Geology
  • UST: Roman Structures and Art – 2,500 Years of Contributions to Modern Society
    John Walker and Barbara Zell, Engineering
  • UST: Tropical Neuroecology in the Bahamas
    Kurt Illig and Timothy Lewis, Biology
  • UST: Visual Communication in Italy
    Robert Craig, Communications

Many students also will be leaving campus soon for their spring semester studies abroad. We are sending 138 students abroad to 16 countries, with the top five being Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Australia and Argentina.

Bon voyage, and travel well students and faculty! We know everyone will make St. Thomas proud.