Boost Your Luck This March With Five new Leadership Academy Courses

A little luck is always dandy, but to be successful in the workplace, it never hurts to sharpen your skills. As luck would have it, the Leadership Academy is offering courses throughout March to help you boost your work skills in 2011.

Classes this month include:

  • How to Be a Good Team Player, held Tuesday, March 8, will explore the dynamics of an effective team and specifically identify how individuals can bring their best to each team  opportunity.
  • Ethical Decision-Making, held Wednesday, March 9, will identify the principal obstacles to clarity in making moral judgments and will offer ways to overcome those obstacles using widely shared avenues of ethical analysis.
  • Managers and supervisors can hone their skills in matching the right people to the right positions in Effective Interviewing Techniques to Hire the Right People, scheduled for Monday, March 14.
  • In 60 Is the New 40 – Our Aging Workforce, attendees will learn about the physiological changes associated with age and how these changes increase the risk of workplace injury and affect work performance. Held Friday, March 18.
  • Living the Seven Habits, held Thursday, March 31, uses Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Effective People” and leads participants through application exercises to incorporate them into their personal/workbehaviors and choices.

Visit the Leadership Academy website for details on all of the 2011 course offerings and to register.

These professional development opportunities are designed to assist faculty and staff in fulfilling their personal and professional goals. The Leadership Academy strives to encourage excellence and foster growth and development at all levels at St. Thomas because it believes that learning is a lifelong commitment and a door to future greatness.