Call for Nominations for OCB Faculty Award for Outstanding Service

The Opus College of Business faculty approved today the OCB Faculty Award for Outstanding Service.


The purpose of the Opus College of Business Award for Outstanding Service is to annually recognize and honor an OCB faculty person for his or her exceptional record of service achievements and contributions to the Opus College of Business.  All full-time faculty members who have been members of OCB for at least three years are eligible for this award.

The award will be based on a faculty member’s service record over the course of his or her years of service to the university, with due consideration to a faculty member’s status and stage of academic career. Service includes both service to the institution – department, college and university service – and external service to the profession and community. Although all forms of service contributions will be considered, more weight will be given to internal service as it often goes unrecognized and unrewarded, yet is essential to our shared governance processes and to the healthy functioning of the college. The evaluation of a faculty member’s service record requires consideration of the leadership roles a faculty member has played, the quality and impact of his or her work, and the contributions he or she has made to the effective operation of the college and university and to the external communities served by the college.

Nomination Process

Nominations can be made by full-time college faculty or staff.  It is especially important that staff members consider making a nomination.  Often OCB staff members are very aware of the level and quality of a faculty member’s service, so the ability of staff to have input to the award is vital. Nominations must include a letter documenting the nominee’s service record and a current Curriculum Vitae.  In addition, nominees can submit other documentation in support of their case that helps to establish their service record and accomplishments, including documentation of awards or recognition for their service.

Date Nominations are Due

Nominations must be sent to Joyce Wilking (Mail # MCH 316) not later than April 15, 2014.