Central Receiving sells surplus furniture

Central Receiving is sponsoring a sale of office furniture no longer needed at St. Thomas. This sale of furniture is being offered only to members of the UST community.

The sale will include metal file cabinets (mostly four-drawer), heavy wood oak library chairs, gym lockers from O’Shaughnessy Hall athletic building, tables, office chairs and other miscellaneous items. In general, prices will be $5 for chairs, $10 for file cabinets and $15 to $20 for the lockers. Only cash or checks made out to the university will be accepted for the sale.

All sale items will be available for viewing and purchase in the Central Receiving fenced area on south campus from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. weekdays until sold or recycled. A UST ID and the signing of a UST property release form is required to participate in the sale.

Buyers will need to provide their own vehicle for loading and removal at the time of the sale. Assistance can be provided for loading vehicles. UST Central Receiving will not be responsible for items left for more than 24 hours. Property left longer than 24 hours will be re-sold or recycled.

For more information, contact Bob Douglas, coordinator of recycling and Central Receiving, (651) 962-6388.