City of St. Paul Enacts Parking Changes Affecting St. Thomas Campus

The city of St. Paul has made two changes with on-street parking zone policies around St. Thomas to be aware of.

The north side of Summit Avenue between Finn and Cretin avenues (up to the bus stop) is now a two-hour parking zone, Monday-Friday. It previously had been open parking. This change is part of the city of St. Paul's reassessment of permit parking zones throughout the city. It had proposed making the majority of streets that abut campus - and which now have open parking - into two-hour zones in an effort to accommodate visitors and students coming to only one class. This stretch of Summit was a compromise that St. Thomas proposed to test whether two-hour zones work.

Another change is on Cleveland Avenue North. There, between Summit and Portland avenues, on the east side of the street, a formerly two-hour parking zone is being returned to open parking. That stretch is “no parking” only on Fridays between 2-7 a.m.