Students, including Kenzie Fannin (left) participate in "The Great Tommie Get-Together," a mass ice breaker activity September 3, 2016 in O'Shaughnessy Stadium as part of Welcome Days.

Class of 2020 March Through the Arches and Great Tommie Get-together

In the fall of 2016 a group of strangers arrived on campus, full of anticipation for all the new adventures in store for them. That year's first-year class threw themselves headfirst into two initial Tommie traditions – the March Through the Arches and the Great Tommie Get-together.

It's likely that none of them could have envisioned the challenges that would arise in the spring of 2020, but looking back on these images, it's easy to see why these students have persevered through unexpected challenges with a combination of hard work, adaptability and fortitude.