Clue No. 2 for the Heritage Week treasure hunt

Clue No. 2 for the Heritage Week treasure hunt

Here's the second of six clues in the fourth annual University of St. Thomas Heritage Week treasure hunt.

For an explanation of the treasure hunt and its rules, click here.

As noted in the first story, the treasure is not hidden inside a St. Thomas building, so dress warm. Also, don't forget that you don't need to tip, dismantle, mangle or otherwise wreck anything to find the treasure. Please be kind to the campus during your hunt.

For your treasure-hunting convenience, we've also listed the first clue below.

Clue No. 2

Women Tommies back in fifty-four?
Yes, half a century, then a little more.

The first to come, were in graduate education,
Many studied here, during summer vacation.

So what is the clue? What good is this for?
Well what's behind them, why another door.

You're getting closer now, clue by clue by clue.
The campus is right, but for now we bid adieu.

Clue No. 1

Our purple and gray, from nineteen hundred one.
Look how fierce, they surely must have won.

Now it's your turn, to be a big winner,
Just follow the rules, and don't be a sinner.

So what's the clue? Are you starting to wonder?
Search high, of course, but also what's under.

Consider this door, of our Old Class Building,
It's long gone now, turned to nothin' but kindling.

Opening Doors: the theme of our capital campaign,
Go find the treasure, crack open champagne.