Prof. Salvatore Pane

College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Member Co-Authors Textbook on Narrative Video Game Design

Professor Salvatore Pane, an associate professor for the College of Arts and Sciences, co-authored a new textbook from Bloomsbury Publishing. The book is titled Story Mode: The Creative Writer’s Guide to Narrative Video Game Design.

Pane teaches English as well as American Culture and Difference.

About the book: Against the backdrop of a hyper-competitive AAA industry and the perception that it is a world reserved for top programmers and hardcore “gamers,” Story Mode offers an accessible entry point for all into writing and designing complex and emotionally affecting narrative video games.

Appealing to the growing calls for greater inclusivity and access to this important contemporary apparatus of expression, this book offers low-cost, accessible tools and instruction that bridge the knowledge gap for creative writers, showing them how they can merge their skill set with the fundamentals of game creation and empowering them to produce their own games which push stories beyond the page and the written word.