St. Thomas President Father Vincent Flynn (left) greets U.S. President Harry Truman (center) and Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey on Summit Avenue as Truman and Humphrey travel from Minneapolis to St. Paul’s Hotel Lowry on Nov. 3, 1949. Truman was in town to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Minnesota becoming a territory. The day was also designated “Truman Day” in Minneosta. In addition to several smaller meetings and addresses, Truman delivered a radio address from the auditorium of the hotel:

But, my friends, the reactionaries don’t believe in election returns. When we undertake to go forward with the measures to achieve real security and real opportunity for all our citizens, the reactionaries are stirred to harsh and bitter criticism. And I thrive on it. They do not understand and they do not believe that these things can be done. They have too little imagination and too little faith in the future of their country and the powers of its people.

But the people know that these things can be done. They have seen similar progress made in their own lifetime. They have seen this Nation rescued from the brink of collapse and set on the road to greater security and greater prosperity. They know that the policy of working for the general welfare produces the best results.

The people will not go back to the day when their destinies were controlled by tight little groups of selfish men who made their policies in secret and exercised economic control over millions of people. They understand that a growing country like ours can provide increased prosperity and greater freedom for its citizens. They propose to see that that is done.

And with God’s help it will be done.


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