Technology gives us  enormous new powers: to know more — and more about each other — than ever before. Think about the amount of data a company like Google has about you: what you’ve searched for, who you’ve emailed, your birthday, address, etc. Now consider the ethics of what a company can do with all that data – or more importantly what they should do.

Google’s In-House Philosopher (and Director of Engineering) Damon Horowitz tackled this idea in a talk earlier this year at TEDxSiliconValley. “Drawing the audience into a philosophical discussion, Horowitz invites us to pay new attention to the basic philosophy — the ethical principles — behind the burst of invention remaking our world. Where’s the moral operating system that allows us to make sense of it?” Check out his talk below, or at TED.

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One Response

  1. Robert

    Really good post, but I really don’t like his conclusion that we just have to think about it to figure it out. There are processes that give us a relatively good framework from which to work from when deciding on moral questions. The most simple and best is the golden rule, but it must be properly understood.