Environmental Health and Safety Program lists its services

The University of St. Thomas has a comprehensive Environmental Health and Safety Program to manage the university's occupational and environmental health and safety concerns. Colin Brownlow, director of environmental health and safety, oversees this Physical Plant program.

Services provided and managed by the EH&S program include:

  • Occupational safety consulting and safety promotion activities for all university employees. Services include:

– Safety inspections and assessments
– Chemical exposure monitoring
– Noise monitoring
– Selection of protective equipment
– Indoor air quality assessments
– Office and workplace ergonomic assessments (in conjunction with Interior Design Services)

  • Management and safe disposal of all hazardous chemical wastes generated by university operations: In 2008 the university generated more than 14,000 pounds of hazardous waste. The vast majority of the university's waste materials were either recycled or used for fuel blending. For example, in 2008 UST sent nearly 9,000 pounds of spent fluorescent lamp bulbs for mercury recovery and recycling.
  • Permitting and oversight of air emissions from various sources at the university's St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses: In 2008 the university reduced its emissions to approximately 10 percent of its permitted quantity.
  • Laboratory safety programs including:

– Coordination of the Laboratory Safety Committee, which includes representatives from the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Psychology and the School of Engineering.
– Preparation and revision of the university's Laboratory Safety Manual.
– Consulting on chemical and other safety issues related to laboratory operations.
– Laboratory safety inspections and testing of laboratory safety equipment.

  • Management of the fire safety program, including fire alarm inspection and testing, sprinkler inspection and testing, and serving as liaison with the St. Paul and Minneapolis Fire Departments regarding fire code compliance.

The Environmental Health and Safety Program will provide regular updates in Bulletin Today about the  program and environmental health and safety issues.

For further information on the Environmental Health and Safety Program or to request assistance with an environmental health and safety concern, contact Brownlow, (651) 962-6533.