Essential Résumé Tips

Leaving college (or grad school) and securing your rung on the employment ladder is a daunting prospect, and the creation of an effective resume is the initial hurdle you must overcome.  Many résumé templates are available online but the recruitment team at SkyWater Search, a partner of the Graduate Business Career Services Office has highlighted the essential elements here based on their extensive experience.

To demonstrate your value to potential employers, you must understand what they are looking for.  Consider your target industry and research the types of positions in this market.  Industry related publications and employer websites will be a useful source of information. List the jobs which interest you and analyze the key skills and requirements which repeatedly feature in the job postings. These are often referred to as keywords and will be the areas you need to address in your résumé.

Check out the details on key features and résumé layout in the complete post from SkyWater Search.

Your résumé must demonstrate that you, as a candidate, have the potential to add value to the employer.  With attention to detail and thorough research, your carefully prepared resume will soon result in your first interview.