Expand the Walls of Your Classroom Through Courses With Service-learning

Are you seeking ways to bring classroom concepts to life? Consider a course with a service-learning component. Through service-learning you have an opportunity to:

  • develop skills that complement your academic learning
  • work on projects of value to the broader community in addition to your professor and classmates
  • interact more with students, faculty and community members you might not normally meet
  • see community organizations in action and learn more about our surrounding community
  • explore what it means to address St. Thomas’ mission of advancing the common good.

The following quotes are from UST students about their participation in courses with service-learning:  

  • “I enjoyed learning about others as well as learning about myself in the process … .”
  • “This course has opened my eyes to a community that I was unfamiliar with before.” 
  • “This course made me think outside the box and challenged me.”
  • “Learning it is one thing; living and experiencing it in people's lives is completely different, and service-learning helped me experience it.”
  • “It helped to put what we learned in class into real-life situations, so it will definitely be easier to remember the class work because it was real.”
  • “It was a great learning experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.”

To find courses that incorporate service-learning for 2011 summer and fall terms, visit the Service-Learning website. Click on “Courses With Service-Learning.”

For more information, contact Barb Baker, service-learning program manager, (651) 962-5380.