Faculty Feature: Lawrence Chui

When Dr. Lawrence Chui was a young boy, growing up in Hong Kong, he vowed to his parents that he would never become an accountant or a teacher. Interestingly, he is now a new professor of accounting in the Opus College of Business.

The change came during Dr. Chui’s Master of Accountancy program at Truman State University, where he was given his first teaching assignment. He found that he enjoyed interacting with his students, both inside the classroom and outside, and this newfound passion led him to pursue his PhD in accountancy at the University of North Texas.

Dr. Chui’s research focuses on improving auditors’ judgment and decision performance. Specifically, he aims to develop tools that help auditors assess fraud risk more effectively. Most recently, he has examined the differences in mindset between financial statement auditors and forensic specialists to identify factors that would improve an auditor’s ability to address potential fraud in company financial statements.

The faculty members at St. Thomas are renowned for taking a personal interest in their students’ lives. Dr. Chui is no exception. When asked about a favorite teaching moment so far at St. Thomas, Dr. Chui shared this experience.

I went to the library the night before the final exam, looking for my students to see if I could give them some last minute help.  I was there for about two hours and was able to help many of them.  I received a thank you card after the final exam from one of my students.  It is encouraging to know that I am making a difference in the lives of my students.

Dr. Chui summarizes his teaching philosophy in three words: professionalism, enthusiasm, and compassion. Professionalism includes having the expertise in the field, exploring new teaching methods, and preparing students for their careers. Enthusiasm requires the incorporation of humor, real world examples, and a holistic view of business to bring to life the subject of accounting. Compassion is about having high expectations for students, learning about their lives, and motivating them to overcome challenges. Dr. Chui is excited to be at St. Thomas, where he believes students discover the power to “challenge themselves and change their world.” Welcome Dr. Chui!