Five Elected to Exempt Staff Council

Five new members were elected to the Exempt Staff Council during elections that were held March 30 through April 5.

Two staff were elected from the university’s academic departments, and three were elected from the university’s administrative departments.

Elected members of the Exempt Staff Council are:


  • Jill Akervik, School of Law – Student Services
  • Shanna Davis, Opus College of Business – Evening MBA Administrations


  • Birdie Cunningham, Wellness Center
  • Brooke Dierkhising, Development
  • Kathy O’Neil, IRT – Client Services

The Exempt Staff Council thanks the following council members for their three and one-half years of leadership and service whose terms are ending:

  • Margaret Cahill, Office of Campus Life
  • Tony Lewno, Biology
  • Nate Rolloff, IRT – IT
  • Sandy Schwartz, Business Office
  • M. Kay Wimer, UST MBA Program

Marie Aho, Terry Lynn Eggert, Sarah Huesing, Andrea Koeppe and Colleen Stephens will continue to serve on the council for an additional year.