Student Conducts Food-waste Survey

A student researcher is requesting the participation of St. Thomas students in an online research study about their attitudes toward food waste on campus.

The study is being overseen by Dr. Christina Manning, visiting assistant professor of environmental studies at Macalester College. The research team is investigating the topic in order to further increase the body of knowledge in food-waste research. This study will seek to identify students’ self-reported motivations for reducing food waste and the degree to which they believe food waste is personally relevant.

To participate in this voluntary research, click on, read and digitally sign the informed consent, then fill out the survey. Completing the survey should take about five minutes.

All of responses are anonymous and will be kept confidential. After completing the survey, read the debriefing and, should you like, follow the instructions to enter into a drawing for a chance to win a gift card for $25 to the St. Thomas Bookstore.

Participation is voluntary. Participants may end the survey at any time, or skip questions that are uncomfortable. (Note that the research data will be more complete with each question that is answered.)

For more information about the study email Bridgette Kelly, president of the St. Thomas Green Team.