St. Thomas Announces Free Anderson Athletic and Recreation Complex Membership for Faculty and Staff

AARC membership

As one of the university's wellness program enhancements, effective June 1, 2013, the University of St. Thomas will offer complimentary Anderson Athletic and Recreation Complex (AARC) memberships to all regular full-time and part-time employees. AARC activity will automatically feed into Vitality, the new rewards-based wellness program, and employees who utilize Vitality will earn points for their fitness activities. Each point earned is worth one “Vitality Buck,” which can be redeemed for rewards at the online Vitality Mall.

Lockers and fitness classes will continue to be offered for a nominal fee. For more information visit the AARC website.

Locker rental

A limited number of faculty and staff lockers are available to rent at the AARC. Lockers must be rented by term. Rental is $10 per month for each month of the term. (Summer term is $30, which includes June, July and August.)

For more information about renting a locker visit the AARC website.

Other locker options

  • Daily lockers are available for use in the women’s and men’s general locker rooms. Daily locker users must bring their own locks to secure belongings. Contents of daily lockers may be kept in the lockers only on the day the lockers are being used. Locks that remain on daily lockers longer then 24-hours will be removed, and contents will be placed in the lost and found at the AARC front desk for seven days. After seven days the contents will be donated or thrown out.
  • Airport-style lockers also are available for day use and are located at the entrance of the restricted-access area. Contents of these lockers, which are smaller than the daily lockers described above, may be kept in the lockers only on the day the lockers are being used. Contents left in an airport style locker longer than 24-hours will be removed and placed in the lost and found at the AARC front desk for seven days. Visit the AARC front desk to be issued a key to use a daily airport-style locker.

Fitness classes

A variety of fitness classes are offered to faculty and staff during each term for a fee. Faculty and staff can sign up for fitness classes at the Tommie Central desk inside the Anderson Student Center.

For more information about fitness class offerings and related fees visit the AARC website.

For information about your employee status contact the UST Benefits Department, (651) 962-6520.