Freshmen's 'Lover, Lover' video noticed by media and country singer Jerrod Niemann

As if finals week weren’t a busy enough time for students, try adding a slew of radio interviews to your schedule.

That’s how St. Thomas freshmen Adam Anderson, Adam Hill, Mike Kaliszewski, Tim Miley and Joe Stoll spent yesterday morning.

They have been sought after by local and national radio programs since their lip-synched video for country singer Jerrod Niemann’s Top 40 single “Lover, Lover” hit YouTube earlier this week. Country radio stations in New Hampshire, Mankato and the Twin Cities’ own K-102, where Kaliszewski has a summer internship, spoke with the budding performers.

“We were just horsing around,” said Stoll, who added that he was taken aback by all the attention the video has received (over 7,500 hits) since it hit YouTube yesterday. They loaded it onto the site on a whim “to see how many hits it could get.”

The K-102 interview entailed a three-way call between the five students, radio host Amy James and Niemann, who said he’d like the students to cover his future singles.

The five freshmen filmed the video in Ireland Hall, where they all live on the second floor, with the exception of Miley, who calls Murray Hall home.

Stoll said the group completed the video in about two and a half hours, with just 20 minutes spent on the script.

Anderson has been lining up additional radio interviews for next week, Stoll said. And there are mumblings that they might even be guests on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Part of the song’s chorus, “Lover, lover, lover, you don’t treat me no good no more,” alludes to a relationship that has more or less faded away, much to the singer’s chagrin.

Although most of the group had finished their finals and had gone home after the first round of radio interviews, Stoll was still on campus at the end of the week and offered this bit of advice on how to “treat him good.” A Wisconsinite, he said season tickets to the Brewers might win over his heart.

The group of country music fans plans to record more videos when they return to campus in the fall.