Heart Hunt: Take Clue No. 4's advice to heart

heart_line_art_90Valentine’s Day is Sunday, and still no heart.

The Wellness Center’s annual Heart Hunt is still under way, and no one as yet has found the heart hidden on campus. Today the Wellness Center presents Clue No. 4 with advice you can take to heart, along with another healthy relationship tip. (Scroll down for earlier clues as well.)

The student who finds the heart (and brings it to the Wellness Center) wins an "Ultimate Valentine’s Package." The package, includes:

  • $100 gift card to Chino Latino
  • $30 Comedy Sports gift card
  • Gift card for Johnson and Sons Florists on Grand Avenue

Questions? Contact the Wellness Center, (651) 962-6128, or stop by the center in the lower level of Koch Commons.

*   *   *

Clue No. 4: Don’t be afraid to seek advice! Relationships can be tough because two unique people are trying to work together. Your lifestyle changes in small ways that might make a big difference to you, such as when you eat lunch or what your weekend plans are. St. Thomas has many useful resources right here on campus if you need to talk through an issue or lifestyle change. Some resources include the Wellness Center, Personal Counseling, and don’t forget our relationship expert, Dr. Carol Bruess! The heart is hidden near one of these resources!

Healthy Relationship Tip No. 4: Know what qualities are most important to you, and don’t settle for anything less. Then use effective communication skills to speak about what you both honestly want and need. Always talk opening about your feelings, and don’t be afraid to talk about what’s bothering you. Communication is the key!

(Source: "Getting What You Want From Relationships" – available at the Wellness Center.)

*   *   *

Clue No. 1: Every healthy relationship needs nurturing, opportunities, respect, trust and honesty. The first clue to find the heart is hidden within these words.

Clue No. 2: What a beautiful campus we live and grow on! Spend time with your Valentine by taking him or her on a lovely walk around campus. This is a great chance to talk and get to know each other. Circle the campus following Cretin to Selby then Cleveland to Summit and don’t forget to keep your eye out for the heart!

Clue No. 3: A healthy and happy relationship finds quality time to spend together. Just like most UST students spend a lot of their time in this location, the heart can be found somewhere there.