Students walking on campus at St. Thomas.

Higher Learning Commission Reaffirms St. Thomas Accreditation

The University of St. Thomas in Minnesota had its 10-year comprehensive evaluation in fall 2023 by institutional accreditor, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Accreditation by HLC is important because it provides assurance to students and the public that our academic programs meet quality standards of higher education and allows St. Thomas students to be eligible to receive federally-funded financial aid. HLC evaluated St. Thomas on its academic offerings, governance and administration, mission, finances, and resources. As a result of the comprehensive evaluation, HLC has determined that St. Thomas successfully met all of its criteria and reaffirmed the university’s accreditation.

“I’m incredibly proud of the work that we do at St. Thomas, and HLC’s decision to reaffirm our accreditation confirms our excellence in educating students and carrying out our mission,” Executive Vice President and Provost Eddy Rojas said. “I greatly appreciate everyone at St. Thomas who helped prepare for and participate in this significant evaluation by HLC.”

Institutional accreditation is a long-term universitywide process. Dr. Tonia Bock (associate vice provost for accreditation, assessment and curriculum) thanks all faculty, staff, students, senior leaders, and Board of Trustees members who participated in HLC’s site visit last fall and comprehensive evaluation processes in the last year.

Bock is especially grateful to the team of faculty and staff responsible for preparing for St. Thomas’ comprehensive evaluation within the last two years: Dr. Sarah Baxter, Dr. Bernard Brady, Margaret Cahill, Daryl Coppoletti, Abigail Crouse, Dr. Erin Curran, Dr. Marcella de la Torre, Nora Fitzpatrick, Kevin Gahona, Dr. Michael Garrison, Sharyn Hoffman, Tonia Jones Peterson, Cam Kauffman, Christian Koch, Dr. David Landry, Dr. Jerome Organ, Dr. Theresa Ricke-Kiely, Dr. Fernando Sanchez, Dr. Janine Sanders-Jones, Peter Shaw, Sarah Smith, and Dr. Aura Wharton-Beck.

The university’s next HLC Assurance Review is in 2027-28.